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Growing up in a prominent Catholic family from Tulsa Oklahoma and one of seven children, Jessica found solace in art. She began drawing horses, nature and wildlife. Her teachers realized her love for drawing and encouraged her family to give her art lessons. She began taking sculpting and drawing at he age of ten. After high school, she received a scholarship to Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. and it was there that she knew her life's career would be in art. After leaving she moved to Chicago. She enrolled at The Art Institute and later The American Academy of Art.

Realizing that making a living in art would be a difficult challenge, she decided to explore the possibilities of commercial art, which brought her to the Los Angeles area and The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After leaving Art Center, she freelanced in the commercial field for nine years. Opening a studio on Sunset Blvd. and forming her own company, JD Productions, she was commissioned by such companies as CBS, NBC, FOX, FKI Radio, Paramount and Warner Brothers, creating album covers, movie posters and commercial advertising.

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"Commercial art was a great foundation for me, but my heart was longing for a life less chaotic." Leaving Los Angeles, she relocated to Vail, Colorado and started a new company, Art-A-Tack, that specialized in hand painted fabrics. After five successful years and a lot of thought she decided to return to what she loved most, fine art. Wanting to expand her horizons, she moved to Santa Fe where she opened her own gallery, Cu De Ta. "Santa Fe has a unique cultural charm. The diversity in art was fascinating as well as it being a restorative time for me personally." In 2001, the opportunity to paint in Northern Italy presented itself. "It was a chance to grow. I was to paint with an abstract artist. He taught me a valuable lesson, to allow the painting to evolve rather than controlling the piece. This freedom helped me capture the essence of character and soul in my subjects." After an amazing summer there I traveled to Kauai to visit some friends where I fell in love with the island and purchased a small piece of paradise. While at a traditional Hawaiian rodeo, I watched in awe the Poniolos, Hawaiian cowgirls. Women and horses have always resonated with me. I feel this connection that flows into my artwork. The incredible light and color from the island brought another level to my painting. Using oil and other mediums to create textures, I hope to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. The flexibility of brush movement helps to give life and freedom to the paintings.

In 2008, she was the featured artist for the art expo in Scottsdale. Her painting, "The Cowgirl" was chosen out of 200 exhibitors. "It was a wonderful experience to paint and show with such talented artists in Scottsdale." In 2010, the World Equestrian Games were on their way. It was the first time for them to be held in the United States, and Jessica was commissioned by the Arabian Horse Association to paint the endurance event. It was exhibited in the new Lexington Arabian Horse Museum and then auctioned to raise money for the youth nationals. It was a great honor for her.

Her love for people has given her the opportunity to meet and do commissioned work for other artists such as Al Jarreau, Michael McDonald, Stevie Nicks and Lee Horsley. Jessica now resides outside of Aspen Colorado and travels for inspiration to Scottsdale and California. She is now booking commissions.